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Meanwhile, Kageyama is the cutest butler ever.

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Today PaPa in Hawaii

and what’s about these?

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cos noone can like oh-chan’s nino.

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Their faces (≧▽≦)

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So during their first and only encore they left us all crying on, they were doing the beautiful thank you messages where Ohno ended up crying and everyone, by the mere sound of Ohno’s voice breaking basically drowned in their own flood of tears. I don’t understand a lot of Japanese, so I could only pay attention to their emotions and faces but after Ohno’s crying, it was Aiba’s turn and he was all tears too because of course our baby Aiba is the most easily moved and nurturing of all of them so that made so much sense. After all the heavy talk and crying (and basically at this point tears were dropping like Sho drops a beat) it’s Nino’s turn to talk and HE HAS TEARS IN HIS EYES. LITERAL TEARS. REAL. THIS IS NINO. NINO WHO DOES NOT CRY. So he didn’t have tears fall because he has some stupid personal rule where he doesn’t cry (minus acting), but there are some serious unshed tears and I am not making this up I was just a wreck after seeing NIno was about to cry and I DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND JAPANESE. But I could tell Nino was working the “mood maker” angle that we all talk about, and it was astonishing to see it in person because he started cracking jokes, and just the pauses and delivery— again, I don’t even understand much Japanese but I was laughing right on cue as everyone else just by the sound and lilts of his voice— and everyone was making sort of half-sob laughs but he was cheering up an ENTIRE audience plus Arashi and he wasn’t even trying, damn Nino you got power. Jun came up next and he was… he was like Aiba, a blubbering mess, and even after Nino as soon as everyone saw him all tears it was like “Wow, thanks Jun for taking my heart, I kind of needed that to you know, live—” but I’m crying again and so is everyone else. It was amazing though, so amazing how everyone’s personalities transpired on screen and you could tell how much Arashi cares about each other. (Sho came before all the feels so we can’t tell how he looked since the camera never went back on him during this segment). 

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The last greetings in ARASHI BLAST in Hawaii on 9/21 

Really really love arashi 😭

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Got cha !!!!

Sakuraiba Finally You……two…….he he he

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